Alphabet Marks the Spot

Item # LER 0394
Ages 5
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Product Description

A high-energy introduction to letters, sounds, alphabetical order and print concepts. Features 8 different alphabet, letter sounds and spelling games. For 1 player or a whole group.

Educational Benefits
  • Learning Styles: Kinesthetic, Visual, Auditory
  • Skill Development:
•Gross Motor- Combines visual and kinesthetic learning to promote language skills. Eight different games are provided to enhance balance and coordination and sharpen fast reflexes with a hop or jump to the correct letter on the mat.

•Language- Encourages a variety of language learning from alphabetical order, letter recognition, and letter-sound correspondence to initial and final letter sounds and spelling. All of these language skills are beneficial to early literacy and school readiness.

•Social & Behavioral- Students will learn to share, negotiate space, and take turns while playing games competitively or interacting in groups. Alphabet Marks the Spot game has different game options to accommodate students’ different skill levels.

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Reading Foundational Skills

  • Vinyl mat, 5 inflatable cubes illustrated with familiar objects, Game markers, activity guide
•Mat measures 4.5’ square. Wipe-clean
•Age 5+
•Grade K+

Awards for Design:

  • American Graphic Design Awards
  • American InHouse Design Awards

"Know Your Sounds": (Game 1 of 8):

  • Divide class into teams, with students competing in pairs

  • Roll a picture cube

  • First student to jump to the initial letter on the mat gets a point!

    Play 8 different games!

  • Jump Around

  • Letter Match

  • Know Your Sounds

  • Picture Order

  • Starting or Ending

  • Hop & Spell

  • Alphabetical Order

  • 1 Minute & Counting
  • Skills:

    Letter recognition & alphabetical order
    Letter recognition
    Letter-sound correspondence
    Alphabetical order
    Initial and final letter sounds, spelling
    Alphabetical order
    Initial letter sounds