Basic Vocabulary Photo Card Set

Item # LER 6079
Ages 5
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Product Description

Help children build vocabulary by engaging with 16 everyday themes. Write & wipe cards feature a photograph and word(s) on 1 side. The reverse side features and image and space for writing.


     • 156 Photo Cards
     • Activity guide

Cards measure 3.5” Square

Grades: Kindergarten +

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Vocabulary

Learning Style: Visual

Skill Development:

Language- Photo cards can be used to create stories to tell aloud or to write that can help students organize thoughts and tell a story in sequential order.

Language- Real photos provide symbolic representations of the corresponding words and can give students a visual cue to trigger their memory of what the word is as well as learn the meaning of novel words.

Social & Behavioral- Use as a picture exchange communication system for students who have little or no speech. This provides an alternate way of communication, lessening the frustration students may face with expressing a want or need.


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Use & Care Guides:


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  • Self-Help
  • Social & Behavioral
  • Cognitive: Receptive Language
  • Cognitive: Expressive Language

  • Key Points
  • Write & wipe cards are great for storytelling, sorting and grouping activities and can be used for picture exchange communication
  • Real photos are a concrete representation—great for children who have autism spectrum disorders.
  • These cards extend their learning by incorporating novel pictures with familiar or comforting letters
  • Upper and lower case letters are reinforced with a picture and word starting with that letter
  • Works on object identification, memory and recall.

  • Disability
  • Autism
  • ADD & ADHD
  • Down Syndrome
  • Brain Injury
  • Speech
  • Hearing