Count & Cook Breakfast

Item # LER 1471
Ages 3
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Product Description

Here’s an eye-opener—a breakfast worthy of the heartiest appetite! Bright Bites delivers children’s favorite foods, with a difference: the main ingredient of educational play. Count-up cooking starts here: 1 piece of toast, 2 eggs, 3 bacon strips, 4 orange wedges, and 5 raspberries. Can you fit everything on the plate? Try it for a fun test of spatial awareness. Have a taste for something different? No problem: pick, count, and serve to make your very own breakfast. Now you’re really cooking!

     • 1 Plate
     • 2 Eggs
     • 3 Bacon slices
     • 4 Orange slices
     • 5 Raspberries

Plate measures 6¾’’ in diameter

Grades: PreK+

Suggested Learning Activities:

Counting: Start by counting each item or group of items in numerical order (one piece of toast, two eggs, three strips of bacon, and so on). Then, have your child place the foods on the plate, in any order, while counting how many of each item.

Counting and vocabulary: Name three breakfast items and how many of each you want on your plate (e.g., one egg, two strips of bacon, 3 orange wedges) . Have your child serve up your requested breakfast by following these three-step directions