Elementary Science Classroom Starter Set

Elementary Science Classroom Starter Set

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Ages 7+
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From magnets to measurement, you'll be ready for endless experiment possibilities with this Elementary Science Classroom Starter Set. Includes over 170 accessories that store in a convenient three-drawer cart with wheels.

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Includes 1 Precision School Balance, 1 Graduated Cylinder Set, 1 set of metric measuring cups, 1 set of metric measuring spoons, 2 plastic test tube racks, 2 Erlenmeyer flasks (125ml), 2 50ml beakers, 1 compass, 6 metric/English measuring tape, 1 rain gauge, 6 1-minute sand timers, 12 student thermometers, 24, test tube stoppers, 6 test tube clamps, 1 test tube brush, 6 funnels, 12 eyedroppers, 2 single pulleys, 2 double pulleys, pH paper, blue litmus paper, red litmus paper, 6 blue forceps, 1 dual lens magnifier, 1 prism kit, 1 large equilateral prism, 1 right angle prism w/guide, 1 set of 6-color paddles, 6 diffraction gratin slides, magnetic wands, 6 small double-sided PVC mirrors, 6 glass tubes

*kit components are subject to change.