Getting Into Solids™ — Pyramids Book
Getting Into Solids™ — Pyramids Book

Getting Into Solids™ — Pyramids Book

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Ages 9-17
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The first section of this 48-page book walks students through a step-by-step plan to draw all of the pyramidal solids in the set. It is critical that students are able to accurately draw any solid that will be studied in class. The second section presents problems and worksheets for finding the surface area and volume of each of the shapes. Each of the six Solids has six different worksheets, three each for surface area and volume. One of the surface area sheets presents students with a sample problem to solve, such as finding the surface area of a regular triangular pyramid given the length of the edges. This sheet has a corresponding sheet with annotated solutions. A third sheet presents students with a drawing of the figure, but no data. The same three sheets are provided for the volumes of these solids. A final activity asks students to gather data and then use the data to develop Euler's Formula (F + V = E + 2).