Grade 1 ELA Kit

Item # LER 1821
Ages 6-7
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Product Description

When first graders begin the work of getting smarter through text and verbalizing their understanding of fundamental concepts, provide them with opportunities to collaborate. This kit will strengthen essential CCSS skills, from reading with expression to determining the central message, or main idea, in a story.

All products were carefully chosen to help students:
  • Compare and contrast topics within a story or between two different stories

  • Use syllables and spelling patterns to identify multisyllable words

  • Focus on a specific topic, use details and provide a sense of closure in writing

  • Express opinions and use relevant facts while speaking to others

  • Select appropriate verb tenses and use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words
  • Kit Includes:
  • Pop for Blends™ Game (LER 8471)

  • Snapshots™ Critical Thinking Photo Cards, 40 double-sided cards (LER 9282)

  • Sound Box Answer Boards , 4 double-sided boards and 20 magnetic cars (LER 5461)

  • Pop for Word Families™ Game (LER 8470)

  • Reading Riddle Maze™ Reading Comprehension Game (LER 7024)

  • Retell a Story Cubes, 6 cubes (LER 7233)

  • Sentence Buildings, 9 parts-of-speech buildings and 300 double-sided cards (LER 0812)

  • Hidden Hints™ Context Clues Game (LER 7364)

  • Reading and Writing Graphic Organizer Flip Chart, 20 graphic organizers and more (LER 5396)

  • First Grade Vocabulary Photo Cards, 150 double-sided cards (LER 6082)

  • Story Sparkers!, 50 double-sided cards (EI-7103)

  • Hot Dots® Laugh It Up! Spelling Cards, 50 double-sided cards (EI-2736)

  • Free Storage Bin (333⁄4"L x 193⁄8"W x 133⁄8"H)

  • Hot Dots® Pen (EI-2370): Kit includes 4 pens

  • Hot Dots® Standards-Based Review Cards, 300 double-sided cards (EI-2510)

  • Hot Dots® Phonics Activity Cards–Blends & Digraphs, 36 double-sided cards (EI-2783)

  • Hot Dots® Phonics Activity Cards–Variant Vowels, 36 double-sided cards (EI-2785)