Grade 1 Math Kit

Item # LER 1721
Ages 6
We regret that this Learning Resource product is discontinued and no longer available.

Product Description

While first graders strengthen the skills learned in kindergarten, provide them with challenging opportunities to investigate and explore math concepts. The handson tools in this kit will help students focus on key skills, from addition and subtraction to decomposing shapes into equal parts.
All products were carefully chosen to help students:
  • Represent addition and subtraction problems within 20
  • Reinforce place value concepts and count to 120
  • Expand measurement skills to include lengths of objects, telling time, and interpreting data
  • Differentiate between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes
Educational Benefits
  • Learning Style: Visual, Tactile
  • Skills: Counting, Addition & subtraction, Understanding base ten, Place value, Non-standard measurements, Telling time, Composing & decomposing shapes, Parts-to-whole relationships,  Fine motor skills, Motor planning, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Following directions, Introducing data
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Free Storage Cart (22 1⁄4"L x 15 3⁄4"W x 24 5⁄8"H)
Master Carton 26  X 26 X 20