Grade 2 ELA Kit

Item # LER 1822
Ages 7-8
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Product Description

While second graders solidify foundational skills and expand on the six ELA domains, keep them engaged by providing opportunities for them to express, and record, their ideas. This kit features a selection of hands-on tools that will deepen students’ understanding of key concepts such as reading comprehension and language.

All products were carefully chosen to help students:
  • Explain how details found in illustrations and text support an overall topic

  • Read on-level text orally, demonstrating fluency and comprehension

  • Work collaboratively with peers to gather and recall information for writing projects

  • Provide key details and facts when verbally recounting experiences

  • Recognize general spelling patterns when decoding or forming words
  • Kit Includes:
  • Hot Dots® Pen (EI-2370): Kit includes 4 pens

  • Hot Dots® Standards-Based Review Cards, 300 double-sided cards (EI-2511)

  • Hot Dots® Laugh It Up! Vocabulary Development Cards–Prefixes and Suffixes, 50 double-sided cards (EI-2735)

  • Speaker’s Box, 100 double-sided cards and box (LER 3034)

  • Reading Rods® Word for Word® Phonics Game (LER 7180)

  • Get the Picture™ Main Idea Game (LER 7365)

  • Reading Comprehension Cubes, 6 cubes (LER 7022)

  • Writing Prompt Cubes, 6 cubes (LER 7232)

  • Short Vowel Phonics Dominoes, 84 dominoes (EI-2940)

  • Long Vowel Phonics Dominoes, 84 dominoes (EI-2941)

  • Sentence Buildings, 9 parts-of-speech buildings and 300 double-sided cards (LER 0812)

  • Free Storage Bin (333⁄4"L x 193⁄8"W x 133⁄8"H)

  • Reading Comprehension Cards, 60 double-sided cards (LER 5500)

  • Reading Fluency Cards, 30 double-sided cards and more (LER 5560)

  • Reading and Writing Graphic Organizer Flip Chart, 20 graphic organizers and more (LER 5396)