Grade 3 ELA Kit

Item # LER 1823
Ages 8-9
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Product Description

As third graders advance their speaking and writing skills, provide them with opportunities to identify real-life connections between words and their uses. This kit supports the comprehension of complex ideas and addresses a wide range of essential CCSS skills, from decoding words to writing with facts and details.

All products were carefully chosen to help students:

  • Recount key details from a text and recognize different points of view

  • Analyze common prefixes and suffixes and read multisyllable words

  • Present facts and group relevant information into categories

  • Listen actively to questions, ask for clarification, and respond with information

  • Deepen understanding of English grammar, capitalization, and punctuation
  • Kit Includes:
  • Sentence Building Dominoes, 228 dominoes (EI-2943)

  • Hot Dots® Pen (EI-2370): Kit includes 4 pens

  • Hot Dots® Standards-Based Review Cards, 300 double-sided cards (EI-2512)

  • Conversation Cubes, 6 cubes (LER 7300)

  • Hot Dots® Laugh It Up! Vocabuary Development Cards–Context Clues, 50 double-sided cards (EI-2733)

  • Hot Dots® Laugh It Up! Vocabulary Development Cards–Prefixes and Suffixes, 50 double-sided cards (EI-2735)

  • Writer’s Block, 100 double-sided cards and box (LER 3035)

  • Reading Comprehension Cards, 60 double-sided cards (LER 5501)

  • Reading Fluency Cards, 30 Double-sided cards and more (LER 5561)

  • Reading and Writing Graphic Organizer Flip Chart, 20 graphic organizers and more (LER 5396)

  • Free Storage Bin (333⁄4"L x 193⁄8"W x 133⁄8"H)

  • Go to Press!™ Grammar & Proofreading Game (LER 0341)

  • Herd of Words™ Vocabulary Game (LER 0396)

  • Reading Rods® Word for Word® Phonics Game (LER 7180)