Grade 3 Math Kit

Item # LER 1723
Ages 8
We regret that this Learning Resource product is discontinued and no longer available.

Product Description

While third graders begin studying more complex arithmetic, provide them with resources that promote the investigation of math. The variety of tools in this kit will support them as they examine everything from early multiplication skills to liquid measurement.
All products were carefully chosen to help students:
  • Identify number patterns and interpret multiplication and division problems within 100
  • Demonstrate strategies for solving multi-digit arithmetic
  • Explain and represent fraction equivalencies
  • Explore concepts of elapsed time, area and perimeter, and estimating volume and mass
  • Recognize common attributes of shapes and partition them into equal parts
Educational Benefits
  • Learning Style: Visual, Tactile
  • Skills: Addition & subtraction, Multiplication & division, Introducing fractions, Elapsed time, Volume & mass, Place value, Parts-to-whole relationships, Understanding equivalencies, Shape analysis & comparison, Measurements, Representing & interpreting data, Fine motor skills, Motor planning, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Following directions, Representing & interpreting data
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Science Cart, 3 Drawers
Master Carton 26  X 26 X 20