Grade 4 Math Kit

Item # LER 1724
Ages 9
We regret that this Learning Resource product is discontinued and no longer available.

Product Description

As fourth graders think fast and solve problems, foster a depth of understanding by making abstract concepts concrete. The engaging manipulatives in this kit offer students different ways to approach converting units of measurement, comparing fractions and exploring lines of symmetry.
All products were carefully chosen to help students:
  • Recognize fact families, find factored pairs, and generate number patterns
  • Demonstrate multi-digit numbers in expanded form
  • Compare fractions and decimals
  • Explore lines and angle measurement
  • Categorize shapes based on the presence of lines and angles
Educational Benefits
  • Learning Style: Visual, Tactile
  • Skills: Addition & subtraction, Multiplication & division, Shape analysis & comparison, Understanding decimals & fractions, Measurements, Geometric measurements, Place value, Fine motor skills, Motor planning, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Following directions
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