Grades 3–4 Manipulatives Kit for Hands-On Standards®: Photo-illustrated Lessons for Teaching with Math Manipulatives

Item # LER 0862
Ages 8
We regret that this Learning Resource product is discontinued and no longer available.

Product Description

All the manipulatives you need to complete the math activities in our Hands-On Standards book for grades 3–4! Components are conveniently packaged in sectioned storage tubs and include Write-on/Wipe-off Clocks, Base Ten Blocks, Centimeter Cubes, Color Tiles, Attribute Blocks, Fraction Circles, Fraction Tower® Equivalency Cubes, Two-Color Counters, Cuisenaire® Rods, Pattern Blocks, Geometric Solids, Bucket Balance, Three Bear Family® Counters, Tangrams and Geoboards.
Kit includes:

  • Write-on/Wipe-off Clocks

  • Base-ten blocks

  • Centimeter Cubes

  • Color tiles

  • Attribute blocks

  • Fraction circles

  • Fraction Tower® Equivalency Cubes

  • Two-Color Counters

  • Cuisenaire® Rods

  • Pattern blocks

  • Geometric solids

  • Bucket Balance

  • Three Bear Family® counters

  • Tangrams

  • Geoboards

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    Features & Benefits:

    Kit includes:

    • Enough manipulatives for up to four students to complete each Hands-On lesson
    • Convenient packaging