Just4You! Age 5 Skill Builders

Item # LER 9880-D
Ages 5
We regret that this Learning Resource product is discontinued and no longer available.

Product Description

Hands-on learning products specially designed for your 5-year old. We understand that each child learns at a different pace so we’ve created a unique collection of hands-on learning products to help your child learn, practice, and master age-appropriate skills through play. This collection includes four of our best products to support age 5. Activity guide offers three different game play levels designed to support the development of select skills. Whether your child needs beginning, intermediate, or more advanced challenges, these fun and engaging products will entertain them for hours, all while reinforcing critical developmental skills.


 • Word Whiz Electronic Flash Card™
 • Shapes Don’t Bug Me™ Geometric Activity Set
 • Sum Swamp™ Addition & Subtraction Game
 • Pop for Sight Words™

Skill Development:

 • Basic phonics
 • Isolate beginning, middle and end sounds
 • Decode one-syllable words
 • Add blends to word families to build new words
 • Sight word and high-frequency word recognition
 • Fluency
 • Comparing, composing, and decomposing shapes
 • Building and portioning shapes
 • Exploring angles and lines
 • Problem solving
 • Following directions
 • Language development
 • Hand-eye coordination
 • Understanding even & odd numbers
 • Number operations (adding and subtracting numbers 0-6)
 • Understanding greater than and less than
 • Taking turns

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