Minute Math Electronic Flash Card™

Item # LER 6965
Ages 6
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Product Description

Build number fact fluency in just a minute! The familiar math fact family triangle is reinterpreted in an engaging electronic format.

  • Encourages practice of operations (add/subtract or multiply/divide) and early algebraic skills related to equations and the commutative property

  • Offers a 60–second timed mode and a low–pressure untimed mode, plus 3 levels of difficulty

  • Reinforces arts of the equation through color–coded screen frames

  • Provides positive, corrective feedback—both visual and auditory

  • Durable, triangle–shaped unit with volume control measures 5.5"H

  • Requires 3AAA batteries, not included

  • For individual practice, or for 2–5 students answering together

  • Grades 1–3
  • Instructor Teachers' Picks, Best of 2011
  • Choose an operation and level of difficulty

  • Watch the screens, then fill in the equation's missing number

  • Act fast! Tally as many correct answers as you can in 60 seconds!