Money Tabletop Pocket Chart

Item # LER 3217
Ages 6-9
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Product Description

Slide mystery cards into the piggy bank decoder pocket to reveal the numeric value of the pictured currency!

  • Reinforces coin and bill recognition, addition, subtraction, making change, equivalencies and 3 representations of money values (currency images, numeric, written words)

  • Targets coin values up to $1 and bill values up to $100 with 55 cards featuring number values, word values, operation signs and blanks

  • Features 35 self-checking mystery cards

  • Offers 4 ways to use the chart in Activity Guide

  • All cards are double-sided and write & wipe; use with wet-erase marker

  • Nylon chart with 4 storage pockets folds flat to store and measures 24"L x 9"W x 9.25"H—perfect for centers

  • Grades 1+
    • Nylon chart
    • 35 Illustrated, self-checking mystery cards
    • 30 Double-sided, write & wipe cards with numeric values, written words and operation signs
    • 15 Double-sided, write & wipe cards with numeric values and blank reverse sides
    • 10 Blank double-sided, write & wipe cards
    • Activity Guide


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    Use & Care Guides:


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    and Use & Care Guide

    • Coin and bill recognition and values
    • Money math (adding, subtracting, making change)
    • Numeric and written word representations of money values
    • Equivalencies
      Nylon chart measures 24"L x 9"W x 9.25"H.