New Sprouts® Munch It! My very own play food

Item # LER 7711
Ages 2+
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Product Description

The most familiar foods to toddlers! Invite early dramatic play, build vocabulary, model mealtime routines and more. Made of soft, durable plastic.


     • 2 slices of bread
     • 2 slices of cheese
     • Juice box
     • Yogurt cup
     • Mac and cheese (in a bowl)
     • Cereal (in a bowl)
     • 2 spoons
     • Orange
     • Hot dog
     • Bagel
     • Banana
     • Cookie
     • Carrot
     • Apple
     • Berry cluster
     • Muffin

Bowls measure 4”D

Grades: Toddler +

Learning Style: Visual, Tactile

Skill Development: Language, Basic Concepts
  • Creative Child- Preferred Choice Award (2012)
  • 2 Slices of Bread, 3-piece Blueberry Muffin, Glass of Milk, 2 Slices of Cheese, Carrot, Juice Box, Mini Bagel, Bowl of Cereal, Bowl of Mac & Cheese, Yogurt Cup, Hot Dog in Bun, Banana, Cookie, Clementine Orange, Apple, Spoon