Reading Rods® Phonics and Vocabulary (Fonética y Vocabulario) Kit

Item # LER 7036
Ages 6
We regret that this Learning Resource product is discontinued and no longer available.

Product Description

Building logically and naturally from the content of the Phonemic Awareness (Conciencia Fonémica) Kit (LER 7035), this second-level kit focuses on Spanish phonics and basic word building. Following the best practices and most recent scientific research on Spanish language acquisition, this kit offers systematically ordered lessons with diverse activities that will appeal to various learning styles. Using color-coded, tactile Reading Rods®, students build words with open syllables, closed syllables, variants of c, g and x; accents, consonant clusters, diphthongs, plural forms and more. Includes 239 Spanish Syllables and Letters Reading Rods® (LER 7016), 24 double-sided Activity Cards, 156 Overhead Syllables Tiles (LER 3426), 4 activity trays (LER 7130) and audio CD of Activity Card directions.

Meet our Authors:

Guadalupe V. Lopez

Georgina Lázaro

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