Riddle Moo This - A Silly Riddle Word Game

Item # LER 3772
Ages 5
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Product Description

Cock-a-doodle do you know the answer?! Giggle, learn and grow vocabulary with this exciting riddle game! It’s a fruit, it can be red, and it crunches when you take a bite.” Buzz if you know the answer! Features 2 levels of game play.


     • 4 animal sounds buzzers
     • 150 double sided cards

For 3 or more players

Grades: Kindergarten +

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Speaking & Listening, Vocabulary

Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile, Auditory

Skill Development:

Language- Students build vocabulary by identifying words based on a description.

Language- Advanced game play involves critical thinking and expressive language skills to change one clue on the brainteaser card to create a new answer to the riddle.

Social & Behavioral- Encourages peer interaction, turn taking, socialization and laughter. Patience and waiting may also be practiced when remembering the appropriate time to hit the buzzers!


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