Shape Sorting Presents

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Ages 3
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Product Description

Sort photo cards into uniquely shaped gift boxes. Builds shape recognition, vocabulary, and early math skills. Self-checking cars feature shape outlines on the reverse side.


     • 6 boxes
     • 90 cards
     • Activity guide

Largest box measures 5.5”L x 4”W x 3”H

Grades: PreK+

Common Core State Standards: Geometry

Learning Styles: Visual

Skill Development:

Language- Imaginative and pretend play with the presents will inspire receptive and expressive language skills with peers while learning the different shape names.

Math- Students can master the shapes, number of sides and engage in early math skills like counting the number of sorted photo cards inside each box.

Organization- Six boxes, each of a different shape, allow students to sort and organize the 90 included photo cards into their perspective present.
  • 2012 Noise on Toys Gold Choice Award
  • 90 Photo cards and Activity Guide
  • Set of 6 boxes in the following shapes: Cube, Rectangle, Triangle, Cylinder (circle), Oval and Star
  • Lids on each box are removable with a slot in the top for sorting the cards

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