Spin for Letters Wheel Game

Item # LER 1334
Ages 5-8
We regret that this Learning Resource product is discontinued and no longer available.

Product Description

Take word building skills for a spin!

  • Playfully reinforces C-V-C words, rhyming word families, and initial and final consonants
  • Offers most common initial and final consonants and word families on 2 interchangeable, double-sided, write & wipe wheels
  • Features Activity Guide with 4 game play options at various levels of challenge to help differentiate instruction
  • Includes 4 write & wipe answer cards
  • Works with wet- or dry-erase marker
  • For 2+ players
  • Vinyl pocket chart game with grommets and storage pocket measures 28"L x 25"H; wheels measure 8" in diameter each
  • Grades K+
    Game 1 of 4:

  • Spin the wheels with the consonant sides facing out
  • Draw a picture of a word that begins with the left letter and ends with the right letter
  • Earn a point for finishing first
  • Be the first to get 15 points, and win!
  • Flame-retardant vinyl pocket chart game with storage pocket
  • 2 Double-sided, write & wipe wheels
  • 4 Write & wipe answer cards
  • Activity Guide
    Flame-retardant vinyl pocket chart game measures 28"L x 25"H and features grommets and storage pocket.