Twist™ Flexible Digital Microscope

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Ages 5+
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Product Description

Unique, easy-to-use digital microscope captures high-quality images (10 to 200x magnification) and bends to allow teachers and students to view even hard-to-see objects! Built-in camera and microphone enable students to record and describe their investigations and inquires, then download them to a PC or Mac. Use with your interactive whiteboard, projector or PC or Mac to encourage class demonstration or individual exploration. Charges and downloads via computer USB port. Compatible with PC (Vista, XP, Windows 7) and Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6 and 10.7).

  • Connects easily to a computer or interactive whiteboard
  • 10 to 200x magnification
  • Does not require purchase of batteries
  • Provides high-quality images that captivate students
  • Positions easily to view even hard-to-see objects
  • Investigate items previously impossible to look at through traditional digital microscopes
  • Encourages discovery — students can explore an object with both hands
  • Illuminates dark settings or objects
  • Allows students to record and describe their investigations and inquiries
  • Is ideal for assessment and boosts students' 21st-century skills
  • Download to your computer or upload to your class website, virtual learning network or assessment files
  • Designed for ease of use by primary and secondary students, and busy teachers
  • Transports easily from one side of the classroom to another
  • Provides a steady image
  • Includes measurement software so students can make accurate measurements and add dimensions to captured images

    For the latest version of the software, download now:
    For the PC (file size: 69MB)
    For a Mac

  • Software CD included

  • For the latest software version, download now:
    For PC: (file size: 69MB)
    For Mac:

    Product Instructions,


    Use & Care Guides:


    Download our Product Instructions

    and Use & Care Guide

    • true 1.3MP resolution
    • 15 fps frame rate
    • focus wheel
    • 6 LED lights
    • measurement software (XP, Vista)
    • SEN switch jack (adaptation for students with special needs)
    • Gooseneck measures 15.75"