Who Knows Math?™ Electronic Quiz Game

Item # LER 6933
We regret that this Learning Resource product is discontinued and no longer available.

Product Description

Engaging video game format and game show sounds make math fun for even your most reluctant learners! Fast–paced game play focuses on advancing math skills.

  • Targets number sense and operations, measurement, time, money and geometry—you dial in the category

  • Engages students with fun sound effects, positive feedback, and a high–energy question announcer—great for auditory learners!

  • Features yes/no, true/false, and A/B multiple–choice questions that are answered through the remote controls

  • Durable plastic game pod includes volume control, 4 tethered remotes and 4 headphone jacks

  • Game pod measures 8"L x 8"W x 3"H and requires 3AA batteries or adapter (LER 6989, not included)

  • For 2–4 players

  • Grades 1–4
  • Turn the dial to select a math topic

  • Listen up, then press your remote control to secretly answer the questions

  • Top score wins!

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